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Working with our partners, we propose lots of different activities.


You can choose liberaly any activities or request packages  "à la carte" also including the accommodation according to availabilities.


You can glide easily over the slopes, and have greater and more surprising thrills, all without training... 
This is done with the Yooner and it's here now! With a seat 20 cm above the ground, like a snow kart, this new gliding concept offers real entertainment. 

Mountain Dinner

Its recreational, user-friendly element allows you to be in total control of your descent. The Yooner is light and easy to handle, comes fitted with a shock-absorber for greater comfort and has a runner that allows you to "carve turns" the same as when skiing.


snowshoeing Verbier

There is no better way to begin snowshoeing than just going and doing it. Take a risk, get a pair of snowshoes, dress for the elements and enjoy. However, that’s just a start – there is more to it than just taking a refreshing plunge in some snow.**

SKIING with our partner*
Trees session

You're gonna be skiing with experienced and passionated instructors.

The purpose is to improve on pist but also off-pist for the most advanced skiers or you'll be simply accompanied in the ski area.



Ski joering ou towed sledging (for children), sleding or horse-drawn carriage to your favorite altitude restaurants. Various fun activities to enjoy the sport center even in the winter season.

SNOWBOARDING with our partner*
snowboard verbier extrem

If you've been skiing for years and you'd like a new experience, or you want simply to discover our ski area, snowboarding is for you !!


Party Verbier

Verbier is known for its After-skiing parties. Starting for the top of the moutain to the bottom terrasse , you might finish your night in one of the several nighclubs, still wearing your ski clothes !!!




Challenge yourself with a Sledging race in the forest.

Don't think it is for kids, this can be extrem skimming the ground with a 700m difference in height!!!


Mountain Dinner

An extraordinary time in one of the mountain restaurants in the middle of the forest and the pastures. After a typical "Bagnard" dinner like a fondue or a raclette, Sledge down to the village.

PARAGLIDING with our partner*

Mountain Dinner

*Alps Adventures reserves the right to hand over any service or experience to another partner or service provider of our choosing, that follow: Snow family, Verbier Paragliding.

**Alps Adventures accompany you on the marked trails below the forest limit.

Flying like a bird is now more than just a dream – join us and fly safely over beautiful Verbier with our professional, highly experienced Verbier paraglidingpilots.

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